Finally: How You Can Get Offline Clients WITHOUT Cold Calling!

Dear Friend:

If you need to make fast money, the best thing you can do is have some kind of service.

And offline clients are typically the EASIEST type of clients to rake in.

Hundreds to thousands of dollars for a simple service is NOT a bad gig at all. And business owners are HAPPY to pay it…


The problem is getting them to do that.

See… offline marketing is getting more and more saturated, and it can be TOUGH to stand out from the crowd.

If You Do It Wrong… People Will Avoid You,
Hang Up On You, Or Get Angry With You!

…or even worse, you’ll get the “If you’re so good, work on results” spiel.

(I HATE THAT!! Then they undervalue you and never give you the materials you need to do a good job for them… and just become huge TIME WASTERS.)

Who needs that?

Wouldn’t you rather just provide great value and get paid accordingly?

I sure would!

That’s why I knew I had to try NEW ways to get clients. Because the truth is:

If You Position It The Right Way,
People Will Fall Over Themselves
Trying To Hire You.

Here’s the thing: In a normal situation, you’re automatically in the weaker position. The business owner is the one with the power.

They can SMELL the desperation, the vying for their money… and they act accordingly.

And even if they do take you seriously (which isn’t very easy)… they’re still on guard. They can’t be completely open to what you have to say because their “salesman” BS radar is still up. On high gear.

Business owners NEED you. They need new clients. They need your help.

You’ve just gotta give them some “special sauce”.

And that’s why I had this report created:

101 Ways To Get Offline Clients
WITHOUT Cold Calling!

This is a really great report that gives you TONS of strategies to get offline clients without having to make the dreaded cold calls that we all hate.

Every idea in here is meant to make you feel good, make the business owners feel good, and have effective selling WITHOUT coming across pushy.

Let me repeat:


Anybody Can Do This.

Since there are 101 ways here, you are bound to find at least one that works for you.

No matter if you’re shy. Working from home. Whatever it is.

These methods leave nothing to be afraid of. You’re genuinely helping people.

I know offline marketing, and I know it well. In fact:

Here’s What People Have Said
About My Past Offline Products:

…and that’s just a couple of people.

So when I had this report created, I looked through it with the eye for quality I’ve always had. And I’m very proud of it. :)

Now you might be wondering…

What Do I Get
With 101 Ways To Get Offline Clients
Without Cold Calling?

Bottom line: You’re getting a deal…

Here’s why…I’ve had plenty of clients, sold services to offline clients, and made a lot of money with offline marketing.

And I’m positive this is one of the BEST ways you could get started.

You’re going to get shoe-in ideas to start racking up clients.

And like my other courses, this is short and to the point. There’s absolutely NO FLUFF.

And I imagine you’ll be pleasantly shocked when you see the price.

It’s a very low $27.

$27, one-time.

Your first client should make you at LEAST $100, plus you didn’t need to sacrifice any pride by getting hung up on with the cold calls. :)

Why Are You Pricing This So Low?

Well, there are a few reasons:

1. I am used to my name being synonymous with EXCELLENT quality and no-brainer deals.

2. Hey, I sell some other offline products. Once you purchase this and start racking in the clients… you’ll want to buy my other things too. :)

And to make it even more of a no-brainer…

I’m Going To Make This Even Easier For You…
You Get A 30 Day “Love It Or Leave It”
Money Back” Guarantee

If you don’t love my products, neither I really don’t want your money…

Yep, you read that right…

I’m not too concerned with your small investment at all. I’m more concerned with making sure you’re blown away. That’s my priority. So if you’re not happy, no problem… just say the word and I’ll give you back your investment. I’m pretty confident you’ll love this, but if not, no worries. I’ll shoot you back a refund ASAP.

With that out of the way, I have a word of warning:

Access To This Is
WAY Cheap
For Now…


So if you want to “think about it”, you can, but the price WILL go up.

It’s a bit crazy NOT to sign up though… your investment is only $27. Like I said, it’d cost you thousands of dollars to do it on your own. And if you penny-pinched and got it done on the cheap, the quality wouldn’t be there.

Not to mention all the time you’d have to spend…

And since you have nothing to lose (guarantee and all) I recommend that if you’re even slightly interested, you sign up right now.

Alright…it’s now time to take action…

Here’s What You
Need To Do Now:

The next step is very simple…

You’re going to get everything within a minute or so after purchasing, no waiting at all.

You’ll get everything… no waiting!

So, click on the “ADD TO CART” button below….

With love,
Rachel Rofe

P.S. If you’re even thinking of working with offline clients, you’d be crazy not to get this. Without it, you’ll be spinning your wheels and probably getting hung up on. :( Order now and save yourself the aggravation!